Eliminates the Biofilm / Antimicrobial Resistant Safe / No Side Effects / Natural Ingredients / Fast Acting / Extremely Effective / Cost Saving / Doping Test Safe


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We predominately work with Medical Device products on an exclusive, licensed basis within different territories. All UniPharma products are registered with local FDA's in all our territories with.


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UniPharma is licensed to market, and supply Pathelen in Europe.

We are focused on solving the issue of anti-microbial resistance in open wounds, preventing suffering, help treating patients rapidly, effectively, cheaply and potentially saving millions of lives.

Our other focus is on helping the human body to achieve a maximum immune system, fast, consistent and safe, to fight off diseases and speed up the healing process of the body. 


Pathelen WoundPowder (Hybrid)

A NEW DIMENSION FOR OPEN WOUND TREATMENT ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANT SAFE Pathelen® Woundpowder (Hybrid) - European Class I Certified, U.S FDA registered approved Medical Device, a pioneering, side effect free treatment for open wound infections from MRSA, MDR, ESBL, and other antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Superbugs), advancing existing capabilities of wound-care in public, private and military hospitals.

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Pathelen® Hybrid Vet

A new innovative dimension for open wound treatment for Animals by eliminating the Biofilm (Non-Pharmacological) DOPING TEST SAFE!

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Pathelen Alkaline Vitality Complex

The dietary supplement ‘Pathelen® Alkaline Vitality Complex’ is an additional product of PHC, which recently passed the test phase and is scheduled for market entry in Q3 2020. Due to its ingredients and the unique manufacturing process, Pathelen® Alkaline Vitality Complex promotes healthy immune functions and could be used in a wide variety of scenarios.

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After being introduced to Pathelen, both staff and patients refer to Pathelen as Magic Powder. It's done amazing wonders for my patients."

KO NafulHead of Plastic, Burns & Reconstructive Surgery (37 Hospital Accra)

The efficiency of Pathelen is very remarkable"

Dr. A. Olukayodele Iyun, FWACS, MSc Burn Unit (London), Cert. Cronic Wound Care IIWCC (Stellenbosch)Consultant Plastic Surgeon

This product is known to me, I call it the magical powder"

Dr. Emeka OkekeUCH Ibadan

With Multiple Drug Resistance (MDR) posing a threat to the management of chronic wounds, the emergence of Pathelen is timely and will go a long way to promote the healing process of chronic wounds as a specialist familiar with the effectiveness of many wound dressing products, I am confident the introduction of Pathelen to the African Market will be a breakthrough. Demand for the product is high as our patients and health workers have seen the effectiveness of this product. It is highly recommendable."

Benson Owusu (RN, BSN, MPH, PM,PR, PHD cand)CEO - Quick Medical Consult

Great Product!"

Dr OlaUniversity College Hospital Ibadan

I recommend this product for all chronic wounds. I admire mostly the speed of healing. I use it currently on a patient we thought was above us."

Prof. C C Ike, Orthopaedic SurgeonUPTH, Rivers State


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CEO / Co-Founder

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Purchasing Executive

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Chief Relations Officer

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Company Pharmacist

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Pathelen Health Care AG
PHC AG is a highly funded organisation founded in 2008 by Andreas Tausch, a biochemist and philanthropist.

He conceived the unique and ground-breaking Pathelen formula, which has changed the way we approach wound treatment. Subsequently, Pathelen has been refined, tested and patented to its present highly marketable status and been the subject of thousands of successful case studies over a number of years. Although Pathelen has been the initial focus of the company, other equally effective products are pending release.

UniPharma have a strong personal and contractual relationship with PHC AG and are heavily aligned in making Pathelen available for a highly successful treatment in many forms.