Pathelen has been proven by factual and strong evidence with 100’s of successful case studies
A strong wound healing and wound exudate adsorption product (medical device) that can be used on all open wounds especially for the treatment of infected burn wounds, chronic pressure, venous leg and diabetic/neuropathic ulcers, decubitus, abscesses, carbuncles, fungating, cancerous or malignant lesions just to name a few
Pathelen has been registered as a European Medicine Agency and U.S FDA Class I Medical Device, in the same category as a common plaster or reading glasses.
The unique effect of Pathelen is achieved through various simultaneous complex mechanisms of the removal of the biofilm, Elimination of all germs in the wound, Sorption of wound exudate, Preparation of a physiological wound environment with granulating tissue and Protect the wound against new germs.
Pathelen eliminates the need for detoxification and systemic antibiotic therapy, even in cases of multi-preparation resistant wound microflora
Pathelen eliminates most bacterial and fungal wound infections within an average 5-10 days
(Length of healing process can vary depending of the size of the wound)
No they can’t. Which makes it even more special!
Microbes are unable to develop resistance to it, in contrast to all antibiotics designed to perform a similar function.
Not Pathelen Woundpowder; however, an additional product called Pathelen Wound Gel (available early 2020) can be used to carry on the healing treatment once the wound has tissue granulation.
Microbes and fungi including MRSA, Gangrene, Multi-resistant gram-negative bacteria, Nonfermenting bacteria (e.g., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, acinetobacter baumannii, pseudomonas) and more
No, there is not
No, there is no other product currently on the market that has such great anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, no side effects, no known allergic reactions, no systemic adsorption, dressing doesn’t stick to wound, and a powder that turns into gel like substance due to its high adsorption and has affinity in comparison to antibiotics.
It also eliminates the shortcoming of other products by creating both a hydrophilic-hydrophobic composition
It is very safe
Yes, it can withstand high and low temperatures. Pathelen can be used in remote locations where healthcare provision may be sparse.
Ideally, it should be stored way from sunlight, in a dry and cool place, with temperatures not higher than 30°C
Yes, it might even increase the effectiveness of other product when used together.
Yes, it can be used exactly the same way as on humans
Pathelen is based on highly dispersed silicas
64% Aerosil 300 Pharma
35.9% Aerosil R972 Pharma
0.1% Benzalkoniumchlorid Pharma

Yes, it is
No specialist training is required once it is cleaned thoroughly, usually with a classic debridement
Pathelen has a very unique way in how it reacts once shaken vigorously for at least 10 seconds, the powder temporarily gains in density, turning into a gel-like substance. This can't be copied by a counterfeit product and should always be checked