Pathelen® Hybrid Vet

Pathelen® Hybrid Vet

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Pathelen® Hybrid Vet for the use on all animal open wounds contains a unique patented formula, which when shaken for 15-20 seconds, will grow visibly in density by more then 20 times, creating the advanced sorption property and filling the bottle content.

Pathelen® Hybrid Vet  is a Class I medical device (CE), specifically designed and developed for the treatment of multi-resistant bacteria (such as MRSA) in open wounds. Vitally, bacteria are unable to develop resistance to it, in contrast to all antibiotics designed to perform a similar function.

Pathelen® eliminates most external bacterial wound infections within 5-10 days in most cases such as preparing for a wound closure surgery or enhancing the growth of granulating tissue on the treated wound.

It has a wide range of antimicrobial uses, highly effective in combating gram-positive and gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms (clostridial and non-clostridial in composition with aerobic and facultative anaerobic).


 %        FDA-CODE       CAS No              Function

Aerosil 300Pharma

64%           A2C        7631-86-9         Active Substance

Aerosil R972 Pharma

35.9%                       68 611-44-9      Active Substance

Benzalkonium Chloride

0.1%                          63449-41-2       Surfactant

Why is Pathelen® Hybrid Vet so Effective?

Rapidly removes toxins from any wound and heals it

Bacteria can’t develop resistance

Blocks corrosive properties of saliva and lymph

Very high sorption and does not penetrate the blood circle

Removes bacteria and prevents it from re-entering the wound

Efficiently eliminates the multi-resistant bacteria flora

Destroys micro-organism optimal living conditions

Inhibits surface and intracavitary bleeding

Reduces risk of sepsis and considerably reduces infection

Decreases exotoxins production

Can be used with other medicines and has no known side effects

Easy to store and use requires minimal training