High-Yield Investments & Remarkable Returns

High-Yield Investments - Policy makers may be concerned that the cost of tackling AMR will be excessive. On the contrary, our analysis shows that action on AMR constitutes one of the highest-yield development investments available to countries today.

The cost of AMR containment measures is estimated at $9 billion annually in low- and middle-income countries. About half of this amount is for investments in, and operation of, core veterinary and human public-health systems in 139 countries. The recommended investments in AMR containment are justified according to two key economic criteria.

Remarkable Returns - The second test of the investment case for AMR control considers the expected economic rate of return (ERR) on the $9 billion annual investment. Assuming that investments would be made for seven years before any benefits materialize, the ERR ranges from 31 percent annually (if only 10 percent of AMR costs can be mitigated) up to 88 percent annually (if 75 percent of AMR costs are avoided). The chance to obtain returns of this magnitude constitutes an exceptional investment opportunity for countries.